Faith Based Service Network

 taking a shield of FAITH!

I am so excited that God has put in my spirit to help others. In order for me to do what he has placed in my heart, I must continue to seek more of him. Sometimes we are so excited about doing the work, that we forget to seek him. 

As a Christian as well as a survivor of Domestic Violence, I am committed to speak at any event to educate, train, provide resources and awareness of this issue in the faith community as well as any community. 

 I am a born-again believer in Jesus Christ, who is my Savior, and Lord of every area of my life. This relationship with Jesus Christ is from my childhood for I was brought up in a loving home and church.

My credentials include over fourteen years of volunteering and forty hours of training with Durham Crisis Response Center. I have also received forty hours of training with the North Carolina Coalition Against Domestic Violence and six hours of training on the ABC’s of Volunteer Management. I have served on the Durham Crisis Response Center Faith Based Advisory Board as a community faith based advocate and still have wonderful conversations with them and will continue to work with them if ever needed. I also work and attend meetings with the Religious Coalition for a Non Violent Durham

As my ministry has grown, I have been to several churches and special events to help raise awareness of the great need to talk about this prevalent issue. Our churches and communities have to take a greater lead in dealing with this and other destructive issues.

I am asking you to "take a shield of faith" with me by supporting my efforts in all that we do. 

Looking forward to visiting you soon!

Blessings beyond measure!

Minister Annette C. Love